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(Ready Stock) 来华留学生专业汉语学习丛书: 中医汉语听说教程

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"Professional Chinese Learning Series for International Students in China · Chinese for Chinese Medicine Series" is suitable for foreign students who come to China to study Chinese medicine and related majors, and have a Chinese proficiency close to or reach HSK Level 4, aiming to cultivate the listening, speaking, reading and writing required by international students in Chinese medicine and related majors Skills, master the basic vocabulary and expression patterns of professional Chinese, so that they can successfully enter the department to receive undergraduate professional education. This series of textbooks is a special textbook for Chinese government scholarship students. It is divided into three volumes: "Comprehensive Chinese Medicine Course", "Chinese Medicine Chinese Listening and Speaking Course" and "Chinese Medicine Chinese Reading and Writing Course". The three-volume textbook covers knowledge of Chinese medicine and language points. Interlocking and echoing each other, it is recommended to use together.

This book is a sub-volume of "Speaking and Speaking Course of Chinese Medicine in Chinese Medicine". It contains textbooks, listening texts and reference answers. New words, texts, and listening exercises are equipped with recordings.