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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Advanced oral (I)《发展汉语》(第二版)高级口语(I)(含1MP3)

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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Advanced oral  (I)《发展汉语》(第二版)高级口语(I)

《发展汉语》(第二版)采取综合语言能力培养与专项语言技能训练相结合的外语教学及教材编模式。"Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) adopts a foreign language teaching and textbook compilation model that combines comprehensive language ability training and special language skills training.

全套教材分为三个层级,五个系列,即纵向分为初,中,高三个层级,横向分为综合,口语,听力,阅读,写作五个系列其中,综合系列为主干教材,口语,听力,阅读,写作系列为套教材。The complete set of textbooks is divided into three levels and five series, which are divided into junior, middle, and senior levels vertically, and horizontally divided into five series: comprehensive, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The comprehensive series is the main textbook, speaking, and listening. , Reading and Writing series are set of teaching materials.

全套教材共 30 册,包括 The complete set of teaching materials has 30 volumes, including:


Elementary Comprehensive (I, II), Intermediate Comprehensive (I, II), Advanced Comprehensive (I, II)


Elementary oral (I, II), Intermediate oral (I, II) Advanced oral  (I, II)


Elementary Listening (I, II), Intermediate Listening (I, II), Advanced Listening (I, II)

初级读写(I,II)Elementary reading and writing (I, II)

中级阅读(I,II)Intermediate reading (I, II)

高级阅读(I,II)Advanced reading (I, II)

中级写作(I,II)Intermediate writing (I, II)

高级写作(I,II)Advanced writing (I, II)

初级读写(I,I)为本版补编,承担初级阅读和初级写话双重功能。Elementary reading and writing (I, I) is a supplement to this edition, which undertakes dual functions of elementary reading and elementary writing.

《发展汉语》(第二版)高级口语(II)适合初步具有中高级汉语水平,已掌握一般汉语语法和表达法,基本掌握3500-4000词汇的汉语学习者使用。本书共15课,建议每课用4课时完成。内容注重时代性、趣味性、广泛性;课文注重典范性、多样性、可复制性;活动注重成就感、任务型、灵活性。通过本书的学习,力求使学习者能在多种场合下就社会生活中的广泛话题,流利自如地进行对话、交流,并能够系统而充分、自然而得体地表达自己的意见和思想观点。"Development Chinese" (Second Edition) Advanced Spoken Language (II) is suitable for Chinese learners who have preliminary intermediate and advanced Chinese proficiency, have mastered general Chinese grammar and expressions, and have basically mastered 3500-4000 vocabulary. There are 15 lessons in this book, and it is recommended to complete each lesson in 4 hours. The content focuses on contemporary, interesting, and extensive; the text focuses on exemplary, diverse, and reproducible; the activities focus on a sense of accomplishment, task-based, and flexibility. Through the study of this book, we strive to enable learners to conduct dialogues and exchanges fluently and freely on a wide range of topics in social life in a variety of situations, and to express their opinions and ideas systematically, fully, naturally and appropriately.

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