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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Advanced Reading (I) 发展汉语(第2版)高级阅读(Ⅰ)

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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Advanced Reading (I) 发展汉语(第2版)高级阅读(Ⅰ)

《发展汉语》(第二版)采取综合语言能力培养与专项语言技能训练相结合的外语教学及教材编模式。"Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) adopts a foreign language teaching and textbook compilation model that combines comprehensive language ability training and special language skills training.

全套教材分为三个层级,五个系列,即纵向分为初,中,高三个层级,横向分为综合,口语,听力,阅读,写作五个系列其中,综合系列为主干教材,口语,听力,阅读,写作系列为套教材。The complete set of textbooks is divided into three levels and five series, which are divided into junior, middle, and senior levels vertically, and horizontally divided into five series: comprehensive, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The comprehensive series is the main textbook, speaking, and listening. , Reading and Writing series are set of teaching materials.

全套教材共 30 册,包括 The complete set of teaching materials has 30 volumes, including:


Elementary Comprehensive (I, II), Intermediate Comprehensive (I, II), Advanced Comprehensive (I, II)


Elementary oral (I, II), Intermediate oral (I, II) Advanced oral (I, II)


Elementary Listening (I, II), Intermediate Listening (I, II), Advanced Listening (I, II)

初级读写(I,II)Elementary reading and writing (I, II)

中级阅读(I,II)Intermediate reading (I, II)

高级阅读(I,II)Advanced reading (I, II)

中级写作(I,II)Intermediate writing (I, II)

高级写作(I,II)Advanced writing (I, II)

初级读写(I,I)为本版补编,承担初级阅读和初级写话双重功能。Elementary reading and writing (I, I) is a supplement to this edition, which undertakes dual functions of elementary reading and elementary writing.

阅读系列共4册,本册为《发展汉语· 高级阅读》(I),是《发展汉语·中级阅读》(II)的晋级衔接教材,适合具有准高级或高级汉语水平、大致掌握3500-4000常用词汇的汉语学习者使用。
  本书共15课,其中第8课和第15课为复习课,每课7篇文章,其余每课5篇文章。本书发展第一版编写理念,强调尊重学习者实际语言生活中的阅读习惯,每课分别以细读、通读、略读、查读等四种阅读方式来训练学习者的阅读能力。选文来自报刊、图书和网络等近期的鲜活语料。The reading series consists of 4 volumes. This volume is "Development of Chinese · Advanced Reading" (I), which is an advanced cohesive textbook of "Development of Chinese · Intermediate Reading" (II). It is suitable for those with quasi-advanced or advanced Chinese proficiency and a general mastery of 3500-4000 Common vocabulary used by Chinese learners.

   There are 15 lessons in this book, of which Lesson 8 and Lesson 15 are review lessons with 7 articles in each lesson and 5 articles in each lesson. The development of the concept of the first edition of this book emphasizes respect for the reading habits of learners in their actual language life. Each lesson uses four reading methods: close reading, thorough reading, skimming, and inquiry to train learners' reading ability. The selected essays are from newspapers, books, and the Internet and other recent publications.

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