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Chinese Workbook for International School (IGCSE, IB): Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 4b workbook 《轻松学中文》4b 练习册(少儿版)

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Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 4b (workbook) is used together with Easy Steps to Chinese for kids 4b (textbook). The exercise part in this book has related to textbook contents. Kids can refer exercise after finish each of the chapter. The book exercise include some parts, such as matching, coloring, drawing, writing and so on, it can be make more motivate and exciting for the kids when they learn in Mandarin language. In the design part, this book content has contain pictures, so it is become more relevant for their's studying.

Suitable for those who learn mandarin as second language especially the IGCSE / IB and HSK (level-3) students

* Please be informed that the textbook and workbook are sold separately

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press

The selling price is RM 48

《轻松学中文》4b 练习册(少儿版)与《轻松学中文》4b 课本(少儿版)一同使用,其练习与课本内容是相连的。学生们在完成课堂学习后可以透过书中的单元练习来复习。《轻》中的练习加入画线/上色/画图/写字等活动形式,可激发孩童学习汉语的积极性,有助于掌握所学的内容。《轻》也插入许多图片,使孩童在学习汉语的过程中能够感到生动有趣。


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