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Ready Stock Chinese Book for Business Mandarin: BCT Standard Course 1 成人商务汉语中文华语华文

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Chinese Book for Business Mandarin: BCT Standard Course 1 BCT标准教程 1

General Introduction 

BCT Standard Course 1 is a set of teaching materials for business professionals who beginners of learning Chinese as a foreign language. 

Based on Business Chinese Proficiency Standards and BCT (A) Vocabulary Outline, twenty themes of business activities and 200 words are selected as the teaching goal. This book has twenty lessons and each lesson develops a business theme includes dialogues (with new words), articles vocabulary notes and exercises. It is recommended that each lesson be completed in two or three classes. 

I Dialogues 

Each lesson five dialogues which are limited to 1-4 turn-talking with different and authentic business scenarios on a certain communication theme with 2-4 new words in each dialogue. The key sentences and words were repeated and the new words are displayed in different contexts over and over. In this way does it help the learners be familiar with the way to use business Chinese, but also guide the learners to adapt to different situations improve the ability their abilities 

II Passages 

Each lesson has a passage about business speeches following five rounds of dialogues. The passages intensify the key sentence structures and words to help the learners master new words and language points. 

III Words and phrases 

The new words and phrases are annotated with clear and concise English explanations 

IV Exercises 

This book elaborates the grammar points and learners can master the grammar through the subsequent exercises The exercises are placed after the notes of the text to strengthen new knowledge the contents of which language points and important words and sentence structures The main forms of the exercises are substitute drills, which require to complete dialogues and language communication tasks. In order to encourage the learners to speak and practice more and apply what they have learned in real business communication, this book gives priority to spoken exercises. Teachers can employ the exercises flexibly and focus on oral communication exercises. 

The course test paper is attached to this textbook The Chinese phonetic table is attached to this textbook which shows the basic knowledge of Chinese: initial consonants, vowels. It can facilitate Chinese pinyin spelling and basic voice features and rules.


本册教程的编写遵循《商务汉语能力标准》及《 BCT(A)大纲》,从中选定20个商务交际活动主题及200个词汇作为教学目标。全书共20课。每课围绕一个商务交际活动主题包括对话短文,词语和练习四个部分。





出版:人民教育出版社  页数: 160

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