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Ready Stock Mandarin Book for YCT Examination: YCT Standard Course 1 (Textbook) / YCT 标准教程 1(课本)初学者小孩中文华语华文

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The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of primary school and middle school students whose mother tongue is not Chinese and study. YCT Standard Course has been developed based papers and the principle of "combining testing and teaching".

中小学生汉语考试(YCT)是一项国际汉语能力标准化考试, 考查汉语非第一语言的中小学生在日常生活和学习中运用汉语的能力 。在真题分析的基础上,本着“考教结合”的理念,《 YCT标准教程》应运而生 .


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