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Recommended Mandarin Teacher: ONG LAY WUI 王莉慧 (Chinese Studies Graduated)

RM 80.00
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Nationality: MALAYSIA (Raub)

Rate: RM80 / hour

Education background
 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (Hons) - Xiamen University Malaysia
 Participated the "Chinese Language Teaching Seminar".
Working Experience
 Corporate Social Responsibility Executive February
 Part Time Tutor of MSL Language Centre, Subang
 Assistant Student Tutor of Mandarin Programme
Mastered language:  Mandarin, English & Malay
Hobbies: listening to music, reading health books;

Skills: homemade sweets
Expert coursesHSK, IGCSE Second Language
Personal profile

 I am Ong Lay Wui, a Chinese from Malaysia. I graduated from Xiamen University Malaysia. During my studies, I participated in various teaching workshops and interacted with teachers from various schools. In order to practice what I learned, I joined the university's Chinese as a Foreign Language teaching assistant program. In that course, I was exposed to students from Yemen. This made me realize that behind the spread of language, there is also a cultural exchange, which touched me very much. After graduation, I continued to have part-time teaching opportunities. I hope to bring students a pleasant learning atmosphere with a light-hearted teaching style so that they can go further in their learning journey.
我是王莉慧,一个土生土长的马来西亚华人。我毕业于厦门大学马来西亚分校。在学习期间,我参加了各种教学研讨会,并与各个学校的老师进行了交流。为了实践我所学到的知识,我参加了大学的中文作为外语的助教课程。在该课程中,我接触到了来自也门的学生。这让我意识到,在语言传播的背后,也存在着文化交流,这让我非常感动。毕业后, 我依然持续兼职教学的机会。我希望能够以轻快的教学方式,带给学生愉快的学习气氛,让他们在学习的路上能够走得更远。
Teaching experience

  •  Assistant Tutor for Chinese as a Second Language during my undergraduate period.
     Take part as a part time teacher after graduated.

Commonly used textbooks:

  • Kuai Le Han Yu 快乐汉语
  • Easy Steps to Chinese textbook《轻松学中文》课

Note: Teaching Material will be shipped upon completion of order, follow by the consultation session with the teacher  

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