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长城汉语: 生存交际学生用书 1 (新版) Great Wall Chinese Textbook 1 (New)

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This is level 1's textbook for Great Wall Chinese series.

"Great Wall Chinese" is a key project planned, organized, developed and operated by Mandarin Development office of the former Confucius Institute Headquarters. It is based on The development of network multimedia technology, the international Chinese education resources and tool system that meet the development needs of the mobile Internet and artificial intelligence era, is a new international Chinese teaching mode and service platform under the technical support environment. 

"Great Wall Chinese" aims at cultivating learners' Chinese communicative ability. It uses network multimedia courseware, face-to-face teaching, and Students' books/workbooks, mobile App and other multiple resources and learning methods, using real-time tracking of learning progress and testing of learning effects Based on rich teaching resources, providing learners with personalized learning plans to meet the needs of Chinese learners at home and abroad. Any time, any place, any level of ubiquitous learning needs.
The "Great Wall Chinese" exercise book is an important part of "Great Wall Chinese", and it is matched with the students' books of the three stages of "survival communication", "expanding communication" and "free communication". The specific content corresponds to the task objectives, pronunciation, words, grammar points, communication points, and Chinese characters of each unit in the student's book. Based on the principle of step by step from easy to difficult, each unit of the exercise book is designed with vocabulary, grammar, and communication. , Phonetics and Chinese character exercises. The design goals of the exercises are clear, and the forms are flexible and diverse, highlighting the communicative and practical nature of the language, and the content of the exercises highlighting the basic knowledge and basic skills of the language. In order to fully reflect the auxiliary role of the workbook, try to avoid new words in the exercises, so that learners can concentrate on learning the main content of "Great Wall Chinese", review and consolidate the language knowledge they have learned, and master the learning content.
The textbook "Great Wall Chinese" runs through more than a dozen human activities including overseas students from different countries and their Chinese friends. In the end, the characters have distinct personalities, the plot is lively and interesting and full of life. The text story is used in the exercise book of "Great Wall Chinese" Added some picture-seeing exercises for the characters and topics. At the same time, in order to more widely adapt to the new development needs of international Chinese education, the project The group added tens of thousands of simultaneous practice questions, unit self-test papers and stage level tests on the "Great Wall Chinese" learning platform The volume is available for teachers and students to choose freely according to the learning progress, so as to effectively support the teaching of teachers and the learning of students.

“长城汉语” 是原孔子学院总部国家汉办规划、组织、研发、运营的重点项目, 是基于网络多媒体技术开发、契合移动互联网与人工智能时代发展需要的国际中文教育资源与工具体系, 是技术支持环境下的新型国际中文教学模式与服务平台。

“长城汉语” 以培养学习者的汉语交际能力为主要目标,运用网络多媒体课件、面授、学生用书/练习册、移动 App 等多元资源与学习方式,采用即时跟踪学习进度和测试学习效果的管理模式, 依托丰富的教学资源,向学习者提供个性化的学习方案, 以满足海内外汉语学习者任何时间、任何地点、任何水平的泛在学习需求。

《长城汉语》练习册是 “长城汉语” 的重要组成部分,与 “生存交际” “拓展交际” “自由交际” 三个阶段的各册学生用书配套。其具体内容对应学生用书中各单元的任务目标、语音、词语、语法点、交际要点以及汉字,本着由易到难、循序渐进的原则, 练习册的每个单元均设计了词汇、语法、交际、语音和汉字练习。练习的设计目标明确, 形式灵活多样, 突出了语言的交际性和实用性,练习的内容突出了语言的基础知识和基本技能。为充分体现练习册的辅助作用, 练习中尽量不出现生词, 以使学习者能够集中精力进行 “长城汉语” 主体内容的学习, 复习和巩固所学的语言知识, 掌握学习内容。

《长城汉语》教材以来自不同国家的留学生与他们的中国朋友等十几个人物的活动贯穿始终,人物个性鲜明,情节生动有趣且充满生活气息。《长城汉语》练习册中沿用了课文故事中的人物和话题, 增加了部分看图练习。同时为了更广泛地适应国际中文教育新发展需要,项目组在 “长城汉语” 学习平台上, 补充了数以万计的同步练习题、单元自测试卷及阶段水平考试卷, 可供教师、学生依据学习进度自由选择, 以有效地支持教师的教学和学生的学习。

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