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(Ready Stock)《中文天天读》—— 北京欢迎你 Book's Title: Reading China: Beijing Welcomes You

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Book's Description:

"Reading China" is a set of audio-graded books specially prepared for Chinese learners. It can be used as extracurricular reading materials and textbooks. Compared with other reading materials, ""Reading China" has the following characteristics:

Graded Readings: According to the language difficulty and reading volume, there are five levels, each level contains a number of book, which can be chosen by the freedom of different level learners.

China's Topic: The topic involves the daily life of the Chinese people, the collision and integration of values, tradition and modernity, which truly shows the style of contemporary Chinese society.

Recommended for IGCSE Mandarin as Second & First Language / HSK Level 4-6 candidate

Publisher 出版:北京外研社 Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press

Price 本册定价:42.00元

Happy Chinese:  Paragraph in short, style diversity, content interesting, language simple, learners can fully enjoy the fun of reading.

Audio Reading: Each book has a matching CD, learners can listen while reading, through listening and reading two ways to appreciate the authentic Chinese.