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博雅汉语——高级飞翔篇第二册 Boya Chinese Advanced Flying Vol. 2

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This textbook is the advanced part of‘Boya Chinese’. It is based on discourse theory. The principle of content selection is based on the original works of famous authors. There are also excellent works by other authors. Strive to reflect the humanistic spirit through the text and highlight the common culture of mankind. The selected essays focus on language standardization and elegance. The length of each paragraph is about 2000 words and there are 1091 new words in the book. 

In the interpretation of grammar, this textbook focuses on the discrimination and analysis of synonyms, as well as explanations of commonly used sentence patterns or difficult words. The form of the exercise part is novel and practical, and the weight is abundant and sufficient, which is convenient for teachers to operate. At the end of each text, there are wonderful reading texts and exercises to help students understand. After studying the three volumes, students can basically reach level 6 or above of HSK.