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New Era Spoken Chinese: Intermediate - Upper《新时代汉语口语:中级•上》

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New Era Spoken Chinese: Intermediate - Upper is the third volume in the "New Era Chinese" series of spoken Chinese textbooks, which is suitable for foreign students in the second half of the first year of Chinese undergraduate education, as well as for intermediate language learners at HSK level 4-5.


Suitable for: the second semester of the first year of the undergraduate speaking course for international students; the speaking course for intermediate language trainees at HSK level 4-5; the speaking course for other intermediate learners of Chinese.适用课型: 来华留学生本科口语课一年级下学期;HSK4—5级水平的中级语言进修生口语课;其他中级汉语水平的学习者口语课

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