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家有儿女 2 Home with Kids Book 2

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This tutorial is based on the excellent Chinese comedy drama "Home with KIds" and is suitable for learners with intermediate and advanced Chinese proficiency. The course is divided into one, two and three volumes, each volume consists of 4 independent units, each unit is equivalent to an episode of the original play, and each unit is divided into 6 lessons. Each class consists of six parts: warm-up questions, texts, vocabulary lists, language examples, cultural moments, and exercises. A collection of good sentences is attached at the end of each unit.

This textbook reflects the family life of ordinary people in modern China. The content is humorous and interesting, the language is authentic and true, and it reflects the connotation of Chinese culture from multiple perspectives. It also uses DVD to assist teaching and self-study, integrating viewing, listening, and speaking, increasing the number of students. Fun to learn. Through this teaching material, you can not only improve your Chinese level in a happy way, but also gain a deep understanding of the family life and cultural customs of ordinary Chinese people.

Each book is equipped with two teaching DVDs, covering the story play, reading of new words and language points.

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